Dental Bridges

What are bridges?

Dental Bridges are one of the few ways to replace a missing tooth, which leaves behind an unsightly gap. Dev generally places very minimally prepared bridges, which will have a metal/porcelain wing that bonds to the back portion of an adjacent tooth to a natural looking porcelain tooth, to replicate the missing original tooth. Have a look at some cases Dr Dev Patel has completed using Dental Bridges.

What are bridges made of?

Bridges can vary in designs; generally a wing of metal will be used to attach the new porcelain tooth to an adjacent tooth to fill any unsightly gaps. Sometimes a full crown will be placed on the adjacent tooth, which is then attached to the new porcelain tooth. The materials used for bridges can vary from case to case, but generally a metal fused to porcelain would be used or very strong porcelain will be used alone.

How is the shade matched?

Dr Dev Patel has taken a special interest in shade taking and use the latest technologies in dentistry to ensure the perfect shade match is achieved every time. In more complex cases Dev will bring his world-class dental ceramist to come into the surgery to confirm the shade match.

What is the clinical procedure?

After a careful clinical examination and once the gap has fully formed, Dr Dev Patel will very conservatively prepare the adjacent tooth and take all the necessary photographs and possibly ask his expert ceramist to attend this appointment to ensure a perfect shade match. After this first appointment a temporary bridge will be fitted, then a week later the final bridge is fitted onto the adjacent tooth.