Over time everyone will have some degree of toothwear, either naturally or due to a number of different factors. In some cases, toothwear can be more obvious and even be associated with symtptoms such as sensitive teeth and jaw aches. Have a look at some cases Dr Dev Patel has completed to restore cases with tooth wear.

What causes tooth wear?

Toothwear can be caused by a wide range of different factors including fizzy drinks,vomiting, acidic foods, tooth grinding, excessive brushing etc. It will be very important for Dr. Dev Patel to find the cause of the toothwear before any treatment is done, so you may need to fill out a diet analysis sheet and undergo a detailed clinical examination.

How can I restore my teeth/smile?

When teeth are worn down, they tend to lose their shape and size, to restore this Dr. Dev Patel will normally use the latest clinical advancements’ in white fillings (composite) to restore the teeth. Depending on how much tooth is left, Dev will advise you of the best options on how to restore your teeth to not only protect your teeth from further tooth wear but also to restore your smile. Normally no teeth need to be prepared or cut down, as they have already lost a lot of tooth structure already all we need to do is add onto the worn down teeth.

What stages are involved with composite build-ups?

Stage 1 – A relaxed initial consultation. An appointment will be the first step to give both the dentist and patient an opportunity to talk in a relaxed environment and then decide on what exactly the patient would like to achieve. After this, a detailed clinical examination in conjunction with x-rays and photographs will enable Dev to give you a detailed treatment plan and all the possible treatment options.

Step 2 – Wax-up and trial smile. Initial impressions of your teeth can be taken and a highly trained ceramist will produce a wax-up of the desired final result of the smile on a model. From this model we can take a silicone impression to then fit a ‘trial smile’, which can be made in minutes and taken off immediately.

Step 3 – Composite Build-Ups. All the worn down teeth will be restored to look the same as your trial smile that you agreed on during the previous appointment. Once all the composite build-ups are finished you will be walking out from this appointment with your new beautiful smile!

Step 4 – Review. Normally after 6 months we will review you, to ensure you are comfortable with your new smile and that your bite feels normal.